Join Irving Finkel as he divulges the secrets of the Royal Game of Ur and the hidden world of ancient Mesopotamia. This unusual and unpredictable talk begins with ancient board games, but could end with a lesson in cuneiform or even a brief spell of Babylonian magic… Irving Finkel, philologist and Assyriologist, is a spellbinding … Read More

Every year we commemorate the death of one of our most famous customers, by celebrating the Greater Feast of the Prophet of the New Aeon, Aleister Crowley.  Come along and join in the fun!  Further details will be announced nearer the event.

We are pleased to be welcoming Lesley Jackson, author of three highly informative books Thoth, Hathor and Isis, to The Atlantis Bookshop for an afternoon workshop.  This will include an expansion of certain portions of Lesley’s books, dealing with Isis and Anubis and how they have been changed over the years, by the Greeks and … Read More

Join us here at The Atlantis Bookshop to launch this veritable feast provided by the members and guests of London’s AMeTh Lodge O.T.O., with some fine examples of the magical, ritual and creative work they engage with as a part of their work in the Lodge, in addition to their regular O.T.O. rites of Initiation, … Read More

We are pleased to be welcoming back Tobias Churton to celebrate the launch of his latest publication, “Aleister Crowley in America”. Subtitled “Art, Espionage, and Sex Magick in the New World”, Tobias’ book promises to explore key aspects of Crowley’s American escapades, including details of his travels, passions, literary and artistic endeavours, sex magick, and … Read More

GEOMANCY – The Lost I Ching of the West  Cost £40 Thaumast blows the dust off geomancy with this ground-breaking workshop in which he dispels many misconceptions about the subject and reveals a down-to-earth, practical approach to this ancient system of divination. A practitioner with some 30 years’ experience of geomancy and the I Ching, … Read More

Ruth Rendely is a gifted intuitive, educator and author who has spent her adult life communicating with an angel of the highest celestial order, the seraphim. This Seraph has chosen Ruth to introduce a powerful spiritual technology to humanity at this specific time of global shift and ascension. This unique system is taught around the … Read More

“Your Zodiac Soul” is the new book by leading astrologer, John Wadsworth, which introduces a revolutionary twelve-stage programme, presenting the zodiac as twelve gateways to wholeness. Life is a wheel that turns through time.  Drawing on over two thousand years of astrological tradition, “Your Zodiac Soul” guides you on a journey through the zodiac signs … Read More

Time flies when you are having fun! The Atlantis Bookshop turns 96 on Wednesday 21st March 2018. Please join us for tea and cake to celebrate another successful year. As usual we’ll be open from 10.30am and look forward to seeing many of our regular customers and friends there. Best wishes, Bali & Geraldine

We are very pleased to be welcoming author Liz Dean to The Atlantis Bookshop to present her latest deck, which interweaves the characters, scenes and stories from the hit drama “Game of Thrones” with the ancient archetypes of tarot. The day will include an audience Q&A session and complimentary mini-readings from Liz using these magical … Read More