There are so many things that we can provide, above and beyond new and second-hand books. We have an excellent rare & antiquarian section consisting of many dusty, leather-bound tomes. We have various 'tools' to grace your altar top – candles, incense, obsidian mirrors and more. We have a small but perfectly formed selection of silver jewellery as well as tarot cards, bags and cloths. We have greetings cards and current magazines, as well as an impressive array of statues to suit all spiritual tastes and traditions.


We can get you all the latest titles, from hot-off-the-press proper old school editions, through to new, affordable modern paperbacks. We have lots of newish secondhand titles and Antiquarian too from the wonderful smelling chippy leather and gilt sort to newer and rarer.


We are able to provide a wide range of candles, ethically-sourced obsidian mirrors, statues and other paraphernalia suitable for the practicing magician or witch, shaman or High Priestess. Come on in and take a look at what we have – our stock is constantly changing and who knows – we might have just what you are after.


We hold a significant stock of new tarot decks and a small quantity of used, but well-loved, second-hand cards. We are proud supporters of tarot, launching the English Magic Tarot in 2016 and organising the re-issue of the highly acclaimed and thelemically-inspired Via Tarot in 2017. We also offer oracle cards and Lenormand decks, so get in touch – if we don’t have it in stock and it is currently in print, we can lay our hands on it for you.


We are co-founders of the London Tarot Festival which is a lovely free-flowing buntingy sort of a day. It has very good speakers and readers, great surroundings and a magic tombola that lets people win prizes all day long!

Complementing this spring-time event, the London Tarot Conference was started by Kim Arnold 13 years ago and we've been involved from the beginning which is why we set up the Tarot Festival together. The conference has International speakers, launches, walks and talks and grows year on year. We have a large stall there and Geraldine speaks at it too.

We have organised conferences on Dr John Dee, the Golden Dawn and have talked about hosting dozens of others. We will soon.

We also have stalls at various conferences throughout the year.

Geraldine Beskin has 20 talks that have taken her all over the world and got her a very good book deal. The Talks are mainly biographical and all about occultists whom she feels deserve to be more than a sound bite as their work is still important and they weren't just tweedy suited old geezers or ladies with dreadful hair.

We also host visiting speakers.


The Gardner Room is the room we use for most of our workshops and events, being the space in which Gerald Gardner’s Coven met in London. It can take up to 20 people comfortably for a workshop and is approximately 5m x 6m in size. We accommodate regular ritual meetings in this basement space, and can provide tea, coffee and refreshments on request. We have held many art exhibitions here and occasionally use it to expand our more popular book launches into. High profile Secret Degree meetings have taken place there too, and it has even been hired on occasion for birthday celebrations – with a twist! Please get in touch to learn more about this space and how you could make use of it for your own purposes.

Our shop is a visual treat and has been used for film and television variously.

We have a large number of esoteric artefacts that are available for hire.

We have a large stock of leather bound books, and books published in the last hundred years. If your production needs any particular decade to dress the set, please contact us as we may be able to help.