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  • Date:
  • Venue: The Atlantis Bookshop
  • 49a Museum Street, Bloomsbury, London, WC1A 1LY, UK


An Evening with…Al Ridenour

Cost £10

We are very pleased to welcome Al Ridenour to The Atlantis Bookshop to share an evening with us discussing The Krampus.

Explore the authentic folklore, history and contemporary practices associated with the Krampus with Al Ridenour, author of The Krampus and the Old, Dark Christmas and preeminent English-language expert on the subject. Ridenour’s lively presentation, illustrated with slides, archival video (and a drop-in by a LIVE KRAMPUS) reveals how this often-misunderstood figure is connected to centuries-old witchcraft beliefs and an older darker understanding of the Christmas season as a time offering access to the spirit world. Now in its second printing, The Krampus was described by LA Times’ books critic Elizabeth as “gleefully erudite,” and a book that “deserves to become a classic.” Ridenour is also a producer of Krampus events in Los Angeles, an artist and mask-maker, and host of the folk-horror podcast, Bone and Sickle.

Please note that we can only offer a full refund for any cancellations notified to us at least 48 hours before the event.