Event Details

This event finished on 24 December 2021

  • Venue: The Atlantis Bookshop
  • 49a Museum Street, Bloomsbury, London, WC1A 1LY, UK

As though wafting silently and invisibly through the ether, the powers of todays surveillance state- or state of being – both protect and cause unfathomable harm. All-seeing eyes, sprites and spirits, demons and imps, agents provocateurs, the law. We/they can and do look back and to the future willingly or not as we live under various forms of surveillance and supervision.

The centrepiece of this exhibition is a circular piece called SISTER MOON. As well as the Moon being the one, true, all-seeing eye of our Inner and Outer worlds, this reactor piece represents a focus on the energies we increasingly need to work with using mythical beliefs as Humankind is lost unless we call on a variety of supernatural powers to help us. Cathy Ward is showing 16 of her fine-line drawings of ‘vibrations and landscapes of consciousness’. and other work. There will be diverse items of interest for sale to delight and confound. Would you like a cloak from a Buffalo Bill Wild West show or perhaps one that evokes Uranian or StarTrek chic? 1930’s Skotographs made by Spiritualist Madge Donohoe, perhaps? A French hair wreath and super stylish 100 year old crystal knife rests might tempt you too.

Cathy Ward’s work is in several important collections in America, Canada, Europe and the UK.
Liberty Realm, the first critical monograph of Ward’s work was published by Strange Attractor in 2020 and will be available to purchase.