Event Details

  • Date:
  • Venue: The Atlantis Bookshop
  • 49a Museum Street, Bloomsbury, London, WC1A 1LY, UK

Cocktail Soiree and an Evening of Questions

Cost £5

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To celebrate London Pride, The Atlantis Bookshop is hosting a soiree – an evening which promises to be replete with cocktails, beauty and insightful conversation.

Set against the background of London’s oldest, longest running Occult Bookshop the evening will feature a panel led discussion and Q&A (jovially referred to as an ‘LGBTQ&A’!). The session will allow those that identify as LGBTQIA+ a space to raise questions and share experiences about their journey as queer people on a pagan, earth-based, or occult path.

During the evening there will be an exhibition of original artwork by the Queer Tarot artist and illustrator Ari Wisner. Ari will be joining the panel with Paul Wood and Gary Wright.

Similar to the occult soirees of early 1900s, there will be plenty of time to socialise and converse with others. So join us for drinks, celebrate pride and walk in the footsteps of infamous occultists (such as Aleister Crowley, Gerald Gardner and Austin Osman Spare) at The Atlantis Bookshop.

Gary Wright

Gary Wright is an occult practitioner and a renowned psychic medium. His mediumship work, including consultations and teaching, has given him a reputation across the UK and internationally. As an occult practitioner his experience is garnered from traditional witchcraft, Wicca and Scottish seership practices.

Paul Wood

Paul Wood is a sticks and stones type of witch. A lifelong student of the Craft and the Mysteries, he is first and foremost a Witch, though has collected a number of labels over the years; A Wiccan High Priest, an initiate of ceremonial traditions, and a traditional witch amongst them. In the mundane worlds, Paul has a background in integrative psychotherapy, psychology and clinical hypnosis.

Ari Wisner

Ari Wisner is a queer artist, illustrator, tarot reader and divination deck creator based in London. They are known internationally for their ‘Transient Light Tarot’ and ‘Trinity Tarot’, and they’re currently working on an oracle deck to be published by Hay House in 2025.

Passionate about creating divination decks for the LGBTQIA community, Ari is inspired by the idea of transience – fleeting moments and the power of the present. Their work is sensitive, inclusive and gender neutral.