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  • Date:
  • Venue: The Atlantis Bookshop
  • 49a Museum Street, Bloomsbury, London, WC1A 1LY, UK

Cost £60

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The Seven Planets of Antiquity could be considered the backbone of western occult practice. They have been used in medical and magical herbalism since the ancient Greeks, and are included in Grimoires throughout the ages. Using the energies and influences associated with the seven traditional planets, the plant correspondences can unlock mystical ways of using herbs for magic and medicine.

Whether you are interested in plants to bless, or the herbs to bane, understanding planetary associations can provide a practical framework for herbalism.

In this workshop you will gain a fundamental understanding of the seven planets and how they relate to herbs. You will learn how to use planetary plants for magic, spellwork and spiritual practices. Whether you are a practising witch, ceremonial magician or a cunning person, this workshop offers a space to explore and expand your understanding of planetary herbal magic.

This workshop is suitable for those that are complete beginners as well as those that want to dive more deeply into their herbal practice. The day will be a mix of theory and practice in a small group setting.