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Krampus is scary, Krampus is old, smelly and horrible. He does nasty things – and yet, he is oh, so trendy. Explore the long history of this very European monster who has become a darling in the Folk Horror world. Of especially interesting for Dutch people, Krampus is the handsman of “Sinterklaas”, who was later transformed to Santa Claus or father Christmas in most of the Western world.

Sinterklaas, nowadays is only celebrated in The Netherlands and Belgium. For most of the recent history this helper of Sinterklaas was known as “Zwarte Piet”, a man in colourful clothing with a black face from climbing up and down the chimneys. There appear to be many similarities between the way Christmas and Sinterklaas are celebrated and the history of Santa Claus and his handsman Krampus. Strangely, the roots of these celebrations lie in Austria, where Santa Claus and his handsman Krampus were first described.


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