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  • Date:
  • Venue: The Atlantis Bookshop
  • 49a Museum Street, Bloomsbury, London, WC1A 1LY, UK


A one-day workshop to help align and heal ourselves so we may be a light to the World

With Rev. Maggy Whitehouse, author of Total Kabbalah, Kabbalah Made Easy and Kabbalah and Healing.

Cost £50

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The ancient Western Mystery Tradition known as Kabbalah (Hebrew for ‘receive’) has a clear formula for walking paths of healing and peace. Kabbalah is a constantly-updating, neutral language of transformation. It works just as well for emotional trauma as for physical dis-ease.

In this workshop, we will use teaching, discussion and guided meditation to discover the nature and needs of our soul; its purpose and connection to Source; how to heal unhelpful beliefs and how to let go of trained-in resistance to the healing that is our Divine inheritance. Yes, you can heal. After all, incurable simply means ‘curable from within.’

“Kabbalah is a living tradition, brought into renewed relevance by every generation’s teachers. And Maggy is one of the best. she teaches richly rewarding spiritual things in a way that makes them seem like you thought of them yourself.”– Prof. Peter Bolland, chair of philosophy, Southwestern College, San Diego.’

“We can experience prosperity, health and joy whatever the external circumstances and Maggy can show you how.” – Dr David Hamilton

Maggy Whitehouse is an independent sacramental minister — or hedge priest — a stand-up comedian and author of seven best-selling books on Judaeo-Christian mysticism. She is a former BBC journalist and radio presenter, has ridden on the back of a Bengal tiger and survived both a barracuda attack and a medically-incurable disease.