Event Details

  • Date:
  • Venue: The Atlantis Bookshop
  • 49a Museum Street, Bloomsbury, London, WC1A 1LY, UK

An in-person event held in The Gardner Room at The Atlantis Bookshop

Starts 7pm, cost £10

To book your place, please click the button below or call the Shop on 02074052120.

David Goddard is a mage and the Outer Head of an esoteric school. In 2005 he co-founded the Rising Phoenix Foundation with Benjamin Philips. Since then, RPF has served people all around the world who are interested in the Paranormal, Occult and Ageless Wisdom.

David’s teaching and practice is firmly grounded in the Western Mysteries, and his books are beautifully written. They include:

  • Sacred Magic of Angels is how to receive help from the Angels and his Handbook of Psychic Self-Defence is exactly that.
  • Tower of Alchemy is a trailblazing exposition of the Great Work – not just its theory but explains its practice (which has been concealed for centuries).
  • Restoring Eden is a personal favourite of ours – as it stops us just enjoying the garden or wandering through woods saying, ‘how lovely they are’ and actually gets us interacting with the Nature-spirits, Dryads, and the other beings that live there.

This evening will be informal, informative and David will talk about the value of personally engaging with the Mysteries.