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  • Date:
  • Venue: The Atlantis Bookshop
  • 49a Museum Street, Bloomsbury, London, WC1A 1LY, UK

Cost £5 each, 5pm, 7pm

We are trying a new format here, with a mid-week workshop in the late afternoon followed by one of our “Evening with…” sessions.  The cost to attend is £5 each and it promises to be well worth it as we welcome back Tiffany Lazic and introduce Jhenah Telyndru to The Atlantis Bookshop.

Fanning Your Spark into Flame (late afternoon workshop with Tiffany Lazic)

Start time 5pm, cost £5

Each and every one of us has different facets to our personalities. We all move through the world wearing different guises, some that facilitate and support our movement and some which constrict and limit our expression. But nestled deep beneath these varied presentations and masks, each and every one of us also glows with our own unique Inner Spark. We come into this world “trailing clouds of glory” from the emanations of our Essence, but often lose sight of it very early on in our human journey. Being aware of our own Spark is vital to establishing and maintaining self-respect, self-validation, and self-esteem and yet, so often, we experience its glow as dimmed or, worse, tamped out. This workshop presents the key ways through which to identify your Inner Spark along with the 3 Inhibitors, the 3 Enhancers, and the 3 Nurturers to its expression in our lives.

Fire in the Head: Igniting the Spark of Awen (evening talk by Jhenah Telyndru)

Start time 7pm, cost £5

The Bards and Druids of the ancient Celts sought the blessings of Awen, or Divine Inspiration, to illuminate their art, and expand their spiritual sight in service to the Gods and their people. In reclaiming these paths to the Awen today, we look to ancient tools and modern techniques to activate this transformational energy in our lives. This talk will discuss the lore and symbolism of the Awen, and will present several techniques which lay a foundation for the seeker to directly tap into the Source of Awen and obtain first-hand experience of its soul-changing power.

It is important to reserve your place by paying in advance for these sessions, so please either click the PayPal buttons below (which will allow you to pay online even if you don’t have a PayPal account – just use the “checkout as a guest” option) then email me with a contact phone number in case I need to get in touch, or call 020 7405 2120 if you would prefer to pay over the phone.  Please note that we can only offer a full refund for any cancellations notified to us at least 48 hours before the event.

Tiffany Lazic starting at 5pm:


Jhenah Telyndru starting at 7pm: